domingo, maio 06, 2007

Suicídios de grupo no Japão

"I don’t have any equipment ready, but my mind is ready to die anytime. I failed to commit suicide once in the past when I thought I should turn over a new leaf and try my hand at life again. But the black shadow in my heart remains. I’m always tired now. I want to go to sleep, never to wake up … I’m seeking someone who would come along to death’s river with me … "
Um perturbante artigo sobre um fenómeno crescente no Japão: o suicídio de grupo. Pessoas que não se conhecem, encontram-se em sites da Internet dedicados ao tema, conversam combinam um dia e um local e encontram-se para se suicidar em grupo. “Let’s Die Together”, por David Samuels.
"Like suicide terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere in the Muslim world, Japanese group suicide cannot be explained as a simple by-product of poverty, lack of education, or other common social ills. Many suicide victims went to good schools, had decent jobs, were raised in two-parent families, and could be seen as ordinary citizens of Asia’s safest and richest democracy. What Japanese and Arab Muslim cultures have in common is a powerful aversion to shame and a deep undercurrent of sympathy for martyrs. Those who embrace death can cancel out shame and dishonor and even become heroes through actions that make Western individualists shudder.", escreve Samuels.
Post de José Vítor Malheiros publicado no blog "Em Revista", do jornal Público, em 6 de Maio 2007:

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